Ready to book? Questions? Let's Chat! But first.... here's some FAQ's!

"I have to have you as my photographer!!!  How do I book???"

Well, first of all..... YAY!!!!!  I love every single new client!!  I know you had some incredible photographers to choose from, so I'm honored that you chose me!!  Okay....  Let's get you booked!!  First, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.  Let me know what kind of photography you're needing, a date if possible, and any other information I may need to give you the right information for your session.  I love scheduling a FaceTime or Zoom consultation with future clients so we have the opportunity to get to know one another and see how well we would vibe!!  Plus I just feel like I'm so much better in person than in text!  This is completely optional, though.  It's just all apart of making working with me as your photographer a personal experience.  Some people just aren't up for it and that's okay!!   Next, we pick your date!  I have certain days available for each kind of session I offer, but my schedule can be pretty flexible!  After we choose your day, we will sign the contract, and once your retainer is paid your date is booked!! 

"I don't really do pictures.  I'm awkward and I have no idea how to pose or what to do with my hands....."

No worries!!! That's how most people feel.  Knowing what to do with your hands is my job!!  I have prompts and poses in my tool bag that will bring out genuine happiness and emotion so I can get the best and most flattering photos of you!  Seriously... don't stress it.  Just show up looking and feeling your best and I'll take care of the rest!

"Do you travel?  How much do you charge?"

YES YES YESSSS!!!!  I love to travel!!!! In fact, it's my dream to travel the world with my camera.  Maybe you can be apart of that dream coming true?? I consider traveling anything more than 2.5 hours away from my home in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Anything that requires more travel than this will require a more customized rate that may include travel, lodging, and other expenses.  And I do have a bucket list!! These are my favorite cities and dream destinations.  I offer discounts for the opportunity to shoot your wedding or elopement in of these locations.  You can find more information about my bucket list here! 

"Do you do videography?"

I have a preferred videographer and we work great together!!  I'm happy to either put together a bundle package for you or put you directly in touch with her!  And she travels too!!

"What happens in the case that you become unavailable on the day of my wedding or photoshoot?"

I promise you that this is a decision that I will not take lightly.  I take all my sessions personally, and I will do everything possible to be there for your photoshoot or event. If rescheduling isn't an option, then I do have a Plan B!  I have a network of talented and reliable photographers that I can call on to take my place in the event that I become unable to be there.  I can rely on them to represent me well, shoot in my style, and deliver the quality experience you expect from me. These photographers will deliver their photos to me and I will edit and deliver them! 

"How soon can we expect our photos?"

That varies!  For portrait sessions, you can expect your photos back within 2-3 weeks.  Weddings can take 6-8 weeks, maybe a week or two longer in busy season. 

"How many photos will be in my wedding gallery?"

You can expect 350-450 photos for a full day of wedding coverage.

"How many photos will be in my portrait gallery?"

That depends on the type of session you're having.  More portrait info can be found here




Okay!!!  So hopefully I've answered most of your questions above! Are you ready to take the next step???  Let's talk pricing and availability!!  But first, I need to get some info from you.  So tell me.... What kind of photography service do you need?  Where will we be taking these amazing pictures? Do you have a date in mind? Do you have a budget in mind?  What else can you tell me about your photography needs that can help me provide you with the best information possible?

I look forward to talking to you!!!! 



Thanks for reaching out!!  I will be in touch soon!


Other ways to contact me:
Phone or text: 423.580.0738