Let me introduce myself!

I'm Stephanie!

I'm so happy that you found me!! I'm the silly (and sometimes awkward) bubble of energy on the other side of the camera!!  Working with me will always be a fun and personal experience.  I want you to know that as your photographer, you can rely on me to capture the moments that matter to you the most.  I see the look in your Grandma's eye when she sees you in your wedding dress, or the way your toddler's tiny little hand fits into yours.  Throughout my life, moments and memories like these have meant the world to me, so of course I'm all about catching them for you.  When I am your photographer, I will make sure to help you feel relaxed and confident throughout your session.  One of the highest compliments that I receive on a regular basis is, "That was so much more fun than I expected!"   I strive to meet my clients expectations and needs, big and small, and to truly tell your story and reflect your genuine emotion and beauty through my lens. I like to call my style "warm and cozy". I love warm tones and seeing my subjects bathed in yummy golden sunlight. I hope my clients can feel the care and love I pour into each image I deliver to them!!

I look forward to getting to know you! Please enjoy exploring my page and get in touch when you're ready!